Monday, February 24, 2014

005 | Reading

Loukissas | how do simulations know

Architects have used drawing as a way to transmit ideas to others as well as display expertise. Hand drawn technical drawings, details, plans, sections, elevations were passed from architect to engineer to contractor in an effort to build the vision of the architect closest to what had been scribed onto paper. With the proliferation of computers came new forms of representation and methods of transfer. With that can come technical issues such as redundancy and the loss of information as multiple users access/save over files. A few of the advantages include the ability to interact with the drawing to create realtime simulations of different environment/loading/force scenarios as well as the ability for drawings to grow in complexity and contain many layers of information and data that would be impossible/inefficient for a human to try to represent in one drawing. Instead of master builders, architects/designers are now seen as liasons that must interact/negotiate many social groups/domains to complete projects.

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