Sunday, January 26, 2014

001 | Dynamic Diagram Sketch

this video shows the change in plan as the curvy walls are changed due to unseen circles' diameters changing 

the constraining circles are now shown. the diameter of each circle is driven by a connected axle which is attached to a rotating circle. then curves are attached tangentially to the circles. new curves are attached to the first set of curves.

001 | Reading Response

Keepers of the Geometry    |   Yanni Loukissas

Loukissas is investigating the changes in the practice of architecture due to Computer-aided design. He begins by describing architecture as a relationship between three sets of standards: technical, economic, and aesthetic. He posits that architects are shifting from emphasis on aesthetically focused design to technically focused design as a result of new technologies in simulation (modeling). He documents this transformation in two firms, Paul Morris Associates and Ralph Jerome Architects.

In Paul Morris Associates office there is a single sort of ‘techie’ that is teaching CATIA to the rest of the firm. Each person seems to have a different view of the software and how it should be used to create architecture. Some people in the firm such as Thorndike and Laird find their identity in their expertise of the software and are important to the firm because of this knowledge. Whereas others, like Shales, have found a niche as a people-person due to her avoidance of learning the software. The principal, Morris, has developed a neo master-apprentice relationship with Thorndike. As they review designs on the computer Thorndike has a better understanding of how the software works but is able to receive feedback and tutelage from Morris on architectural design and principles while also helping Morris learn about computer-aided design.

At Ralph Jerome Architects they also have a ‘techie’ but instead of teaching everyone else the software he is the link between everyone else and the software. He is the keeper of the machines more than designer.

I think I would rather be at a firm like Paul Morris Associates where everyone is given the responsibility of learning the software. Even though there is more turmoil about how it should be used, it encourages everyone to be a well rounded designer that is capable with different design tools. This reading suggests that a sort of unstoppable change in architecture is happening and it is up to each individual to decide how to respond to that change.